Guage Wheels

Optional Gauge Wheels and Springtines

By adding Gauge Wheels to the FlexSteel Brush, you can adjust the amount of down pressure on the brushes by 1/2" increments, providing maximum control.

Heavy Duty Springtines are the right addition to the FlexSteel Brush when the ground is hard and compacted or you desire a more aggressive tool. They come in 3' wide sections with 24 tines per section. The durable, adjustable 5" tines are made of 3/16" wire and are spaced 1 1/2" apart.

The Fine Springtine is an efficient addition to the FlexSteel Brush for dealing with light or wet soils. There are 28 adjustable tines made of 1/8" wire, spaced 3/4" apart on each 3' section.