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The FlexSteel PH 1200, with optional springtine attachment, is a remarkably efficient tool for maintaining golf course fairways and cart paths. The FlexSteel eliminates the problem of difficult to manage cores left on the turf after core aeration. Just one or two passes with the FlexSteel separates the soil from the root system. You no longer have to take the time to collect the cores or go through the difficult process of destroying them.

Gauge Wheel and Springtine The extended frame of the PH 1200 allows you to cover more area in less time. By putting the FlexSteel PH 1200 into hydraulic float position, the unit flexes both up and down to follow uneven terrain. The optional gauge wheels make it simple to adjust the down pressure of the brushes according to the type of grass.

The FlexSteel stands up turf that has been laid down by cart traffic, mowing patterns or snow accumulation. After grooming with the FlexSteel, the turf will be ready to mow. Aggregate cart paths can also be quickly and easily smoothed and leveled.


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